APD Explorers

Exploring is an interactive, hands-on, career education program sponsored by the Boy Scouts Learning for Life Program, and the Auburn Police Department. Participants in the program are called Explorers. The program serves young men and women who are 14 through 21 years old. Exploring units have specialized focus on a single career field, our program has a specific focus on Law Enforcement and Community Relationships. The Explorers is a youth-based community outreach program where our future leaders learn life skills and what it would be like to become a police officer.

The Auburn Police Department will offer classroom discussion learning environments. Topics will include Police Policy & Practices, Criminal Procedure, Case Law Precedence, Current Events, Georgia State Law, U. S. Constitutional Law, and The Bill of Rights. Explorers will understand how these topics guide police officers in their daily functions and duties while remaining within the boundaries of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Exploring classroom environment is designed to encourage open discussion while promoting the learning experience. The Auburn Police Department will provide real world training scenarios in conjunction with the classroom experience. By combining classroom learning along with real world police training scenarios, an Explorer will not only learn about specific police related topics, but they will also learn how to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

APD Explorers Mission Statement

Law Enforcement Exploring provides educational training programs for young adults on the purposes, mission, and objectives of law enforcement. The program provides career orientation experiences, leadership opportunities, and community service activities. The primary goal of the program is to help young adults understand what a career in law enforcement entails and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities and the nation.

APD Explorers

APD Police Officer Advisors Mission

Auburn Police Department Explorers Program is operated by the Sergeant over Public Information and Community Affairs Office and Uniform Patrol Officers that dedicate their time and knowledge to guide the youth of our community in becoming successful productive members of society.

"It is the mission of the Law Enforcement Explorers Police Officer Advisor to educate, expose, and guide the youth of the Auburn Police Department Law Enforcement Explorers Program in all aspects of policing and create an interest in the career path of becoming a police officer."

APD Explorers Intent & Goals

An Auburn Police Department Explorer will gain Interpersonal Communication Skills, Listening Skills, Writing and Articulation Skills, Critical Thinking Skills, Self-Disciple, and Motivational Skills, to include Leadership Skills.

  • To install moral, and ethical character in our youth
  • To enhance relationships between police officers and the community
  • To teach the importance of professionalism
  • To provide guidance and structure to the youth of our community
  • To create future leaders and productive members of society
  • To establish a working knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights

APD Explorers Community Outreach & Volunteer Efforts

The Law Enforcement Explorers Program brings the Explorers into direct contact with the public and members of the community on a regular basis. The Explorers augment the Auburn Police Department Mission by acting as liaisons between members of our community and the Auburn Police Department, especially with members of their own age group. The Explorers are called upon to assist the Auburn Police Department by volunteering during city functions to include Independence Day celebration (4th of July), Sounding off Christmas, and several local food drives.

APD Explorers oath of Office

The Auburn Police Department Law Enforcement Explorers Program has adopted the following oath of Law Enforcement Exploring to enhance and augment the purpose and mission of the Auburn Police Department Law Enforcement Explorers Program.

"As an Explorer, I will do my best to do my duty to my community and my country. I promise to respect the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Georgia. I do solemnly swear to keep my life unsullied and to always help others. On my honor, I will strive to uphold the traditions of the law enforcement community and to enhance the Auburn Police Department mission statement. I will hold true to the core values of the Auburn Police Department treating all people with respect, integrity, service, and excellence. I acknowledge that I am a representative of the Auburn Police Department and I will have the courage to conduct myself in a professional manner as an Auburn Police Department Law Enforcement Explorer."

APD Explorers Funding

APD Explorers

The Auburn Police Department Explorers Program is a nonprofit organization. Our post is self-funded through generous donations through community members that support our program.  If you chose to donate, we accept checks and U.S. Currency. We also host an annual golf tournament to raise funds for Winter Fest, which is a competition held in Gatlinburg Tennessee for the Explorers.

Donations can be dropped off at the Auburn Police Department, in care of Police Officer, Explorers Coordinator Sergeant Marc Pharr.

If you choose to donate:
Please Make Checks payable to:
APD Explorers post 726

APD Explorers Requirements

Members (Law Enforcement Explorer) of the Auburn Police Depart Law Enforcement Program must meet the following criteria:

  • To Apply, must be between the ages of 14 years old to 19 years old
  • Explorers must have guardian or parental permission in written format, included in the application
  • Explorers must be enrolled in high school or a high school equivalent program
  • Explorers must refrain from the use of and exposure to illegal substances
  • Explorers must refrain from the use of and exposure to underage alcohol consumption
  • Explorers must refrain from gang affiliation
  • Explorers must pass a Criminal History Background Investigation. (Note: Concerning Explorers with a history of Status Offense(s) or Misdemeanor(s), a Waiver may be granted.

How to Become an APD Explorer (Open Door Policy)

Young men and women are eligible to apply between the ages of 14 and 19. Explorers who have joined the program prior to their 19thg birthday are eligible to remain with the Explorer Program until their 21st birthday. The intent behind this is to provide our Explorers a gateway into becoming a police officer. At the age of 21, an Auburn Police Explorer can take off the Explorers Uniform and dawn the Auburn Police Department badge and uniform as a career police officer.

If you or someone you know is between the ages of 14 and 19 years and interested in becoming a Police Officer or in a career in Criminal Justice Field, the Auburn Police Department invites you to attend any one of our weekly meetings.

The Auburn Police Explorers meet every Monday night from 6pm to 8:00pm. This is an open-door invitation every Monday night at 6:00pm at the Auburn Police Station!

Upon attending an Explorers meeting, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Explorers program, meet the Police Officer Advisors that generously donate their time to provide the best learning experience, and obtain an application to join our ranks.

For more information on becoming an Auburn Police Department Explorer, please contact Sergeant Marc Pharr by email at mpharr@cityofauburn-ga.org or by phone at 770-513-8657 ext. 240.

APD Explorers
APD Explorers
APD Explorers