Municipal Court

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm
Closed for Lunch

Procedures & Protocols

Procedures and Protocols for COVID-19 Pandemic - Please click here 

Court Staff

  • Hammond Law, Judge
  • Bridget L. Scanlin, Solicitor
  • Mayra Rubio, Public Defender
  • Meg Grant, Clerk of Court

Services Provided

The Municipal Court of Auburn hears and adjudicates traffic offenses and violations of City ordinances that occur within the City limits of Auburn.

Georgia State Patrol traffic offenses that occur within the City limits of Auburn are also subject to the jurisdiction of this court.

Safety Notice

To ensure the safety of the public and court officials, the only items allowed into the court room will be car keys, wallets and paperwork, everything else should be left in your car. All individuals and articles entering the court room are subject to being searched at any time.

Court Hearings

Auburn Municipal Court hearings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. This may change around the holidays, if you are uncertain of your court date, please contact the court. (770-963-4002, ext. 209) Email:

Check-in time for all scheduled court sessions is 8:00 am.

Courtroom Dress

All persons entering the courtroom in the City of Auburn as a spectator, witness or participant shall be dressed in the following manner or will be denied extrance into the courtroom.

Males: shall wear shoes, long pants and collared shirts that are tucked in.

Females: shall wear shoes, dresses skirts or long pants with blouses, sweaters or casual dress skirts.

Shorts, tanks tops, bare midriffs, halter tops and flipflops are not acceptable dress for court and will not be allowed.

If you miss your court date due to your mode of dress, either a suspension or a warrant maybe issued.