Neighborhood Watch


Vandalism to homes, automobiles, and other property is a major problem throughout the Auburn Police Department. Help your neighbors and yourself by taking part in the City of Auburn Neighborhood Watch Experience (C.A.N.W.E.)! To report a suspicious activity call the Auburn Police Department at (770) 513 -8657.

Get involved and be involved!

Prevent Home Burglaries

  • Make your home look like you’re there. Lights turned off and on by timers give your home a lived-in look when you’re away.
  • Have good locks. A high quality, one-inch deadbolt lock on every outside door is a basic requirement.
  • Don’t leave your home unlocked even for a brief trip to the store or a visit to the neighbor across the street. Many homes have been burglarized in just such short periods of time.
  • Don’t hide a key outside of your home. Leave the extra key with a trusted neighbor or friend. If you have deadbolt cylinder lock, you must use a key to lock the door, and can’t possibly lock yourself out.
  • Don’t put a name or address tag on your house or car keys. That’s an open invitation to an unwelcome visitor should you ever lose your keys.
  • Plug a radio into a timer set to go on when you’re away. Set the radio to an all-talk station, leave the volume low, and give a would-be burglar the impression you’re talking to someone. Light and noise are burglars worst enemies.
  • Have a free home security inspection and be an active participant in Neighborhood Watch. Remember: A thief wants to take the path of least resistance. Your participation in the City of Auburn Neighborhood Watch Experience provides the most resistance.
  • Be alert for strangers in your neighborhood! So many burglaries could be stopped or prevented if only more people would report suspicious happenings.
  • Notify the Police if your doors or windows look as if they’ve been tampered with.
  • Ask the neighbor who’s watching your home while you’re gone to check it carefully for you.
  • Notify the police immediately of any suspicious people, trucks, or cars in the neighborhood. Don’t worry about being a nuisance. Your Police Department will welcome your call and the opportunity to prevent a burglary.

Remember, your belongings are yours. Keeping them out of the hands of burglars and thieves is your responsibility.