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Governor's Executive Order

Governor Kemp has issued Executive Orders which preempt the Emergency Orders Issued by the Mayor & City Council.

In summary (see below for the full orders), this orders states that all residents are to:

1.      Practice Social Distancing and Sanitation in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control
2.      No gatherings larger than 10 people or within 6 feet of each other
3.      All residents are ordered to shelter in place in their homes or place of residence and take every precaution to limit exposure to others unless they are:
      a. Conducting or Participating In Essential Services 
      b. Performing necessary travel
      c. Performing the minimum basic duties required for a business establishment or non-profit
      d. Are part of the critical infrastructure and are actively engaged in the performance of or going to or from their place of employment
      e. Obtaining necessary supplies for family or household members
      f.  Obtaining necessary services for the health and safety of their family or household members

Please click here to see the full orders issued by Governor Kemp

Executive Order 1            Executive Order 2